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Various sauces

The sauces are innumerable in Japan. Discover the Oyster sauce or Gomadare to accompany your salads, your fondues Nabé.

  • €6,65

    Ajinomoto Cook do Jukusei Tobanjan - 100 g


    Capacity: 100 g Soy, salt, E1400, alcohol Energy (Kcal): 80 - Proteins (g): 6 - Greases (g): 2 - including fatty acids (g): nc - carbohydrate (g): ...

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  • €4,65

    Marukome Plus Koji Nama Shio Koji - 200g


    Salted rice malt Net weight: 200 g Best before: --Ingredients: Rice ferment, salt, alcohol Nutritional Values ​​for 100g: Energy (Kcal): 180 - Pr...

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  • €5,20

    Nam Pla fish sauce Youkinam Pla - 70ml


    NAM PLA Fish sauce Net weight / volume: 70ml Best before: --Allergens: Fish Nutritional values ​​for 100g: Energy (Kcal): 61 - Proteins (g): 14,1...

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  • €4,55

    Daisho - Seasoning for cabbage 225g


        Seasoning for cabbage Salt sauce with garlic and sesame. Just pour on coarsely chopped cabbage to create a delicious cabbage salad. The flavor ...

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  • €6,90

    Jelly of Wasabi 90g

    Hodaka Kanko

        TITLE   Ingredients Tapioca splice, salt, trehalose, alcohol, cyclodextrin, aromas, thickeners: gum xanthanegomme de guar; dyes: caramel, tartr...

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  • €6,75

    Tomato sauce and basil 200ml


        Tomato and basil sauce   It is a vinaigrette that combines the taste of Japanese tomato with basil grown in the Shodoshima fields. Ingredients...

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