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Rewards | Loyalty point

How do rewards work?

We use a rewarding system in loyalty points. For 1 € spent you get 1 loyalty point (Excluding shipping costs). For 100 loyalty points you can create a voucher worth 5 €, for 200 points 10 € etc ...

How to access my rewards?

You can access your rewards via the red button at the bottom right of your page.Reward logo

How does a voucher create a voucher?

To create a voucher you must be connected you must click on the red "Récompense" button and then "comment échanger des points". On that you can click Exchange and choose the number of points you want to use by 100 to exchange voucher.

How to use a voucher?

To use your discount voucher You must be logged in and click on the red "Récompenses" button next to "Vos récompenses" You will be able to find here all your vouchers created.
When you click on your discount voucher you will either apply it directly to your cart is copied the discount code and paste it at the time of payment.

Divers questions

Can I give my voucher to someone?

No The discounts are linked to the customer's account. You can nevertheless order via your account and deliver to their addresses.

Loyalty points work with the KIOKO OPERA store?

No The loyalty system is an exclusivity of the website. Rewards can be obtained and only use on the website.