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Shinshin Aji Ume - 100g

100.0g | €4,00 / 100g

Entire salty plumes candied in pot

Net weight: 100g

Best before: --

Ingredients: plum, fructose syrup and glucose, salt, protein hydrolyses, condiment ferment, sugar, glucose and liquid fructose, glucose, soy sauce (soy, wheat, salt), sorbitol, acidulant, vitamin B1, seasoning, pigment of Red radish, sweetening: E960, aromas.

Allergens: soy, wheat

Nutritional values ​​for 100g: energy (78kcal), proteins (1.4g), grease (0.5g), of which saturated fatty acids (0.1g), carbohydrates (17g), of which sugar (14,5g), salt (7 , 8g)