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Morikuni - Junmai When Olives Grow On Shodoshima 15% 720ml

720.0ml | €68,47 / l

Shodoshima Shuzo

It is a local sake from Shodoshima produced by the hand of the sake master (Toji) who has a long experience and extraordinary virtuosity. Shodoshima is a beautiful island rich in nature in the Setouchi Inland Sea. Its rice is grown in terraced rice fields whose environmental condition provides a very good starch to the rice, in return for the manual care required for cultivation in small plots on the coast.

On the hills of Shodoshima, under a Mediterranean climate unique in Japan, between sea and mountains, grow many olive trees. Its olives are renowned throughout the country. The Departmental Institute of Fermented Foods has succeeded in extracting yeast from the fruit of the Shodoshima olive. This sake is created with rice and yeast 100% from this paradise island. The result, a round and deep taste, velvety, unctuous, slightly mellow with a touch of acidity, keeping freshness thanks to storage in the bottle at -5°C, with an aroma of passion fruit, lychee , melon and Muscat of Alexandria.



  • Flight: 0.72L
  • Alcohol content: 15% vol
  • Prefecture : Kagawa
  • Fermentation : Sokujo
  • Classification : Junmai
  • Water hardness : Soft
  • Toji : Taijima Toji
  • Palate : Very soft
  • Rice :
    • Koji: Oseto Origin: Kagawa
    • Must: Oseto Origin: Kagawa
  • Polishing : 60%
  • Yeast : Saniki Olive Yeast N°18
  • Fragrance : Passion fruit
  • Accompaniments : Oysters, pasta with sea urchins, apple pie, appetizers
  • Serving temperature : Chilled or at room temperature
  • Storage : Refrigerator

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, please consume in moderation.

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