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Kawada Seimen Sanuki Hiyamugi - 450 g

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450.0g | €11,11 / kg

Hiyamugi wheat noodles

Net weight: 450g

Secured non-cooked noodles based on soft wheat flour.


  • Immerse the noodles in a large amount of boiling water (for 1 noodle bag plan about 3 liters of water).
  • Striking temples in time and cook the noodles with big fire for about 4 minutes.
  • Clean the noodles well with water.
  • Arrange the noodles in a bowl and serve with a soup base.

Suggestion: You can add seasonal vegetables, chopped leek, pepper, spices ...

Caution: If you are cooking too much, or if you use lukewarm water, the noodles will lose their taste and flavor.

Best before: --

Ingredients: wheat flour, salt.

Allergens: wheat

Nutritional values ​​for 100g: energy (334kcal), protein (9.2g), grease (1.5g), including saturated fatty acids (0.3g), carbohydrates (70.9g), of which sugar (2,7g), salt (4.5g)