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Delivery services to Relay Points and Mondial Relay are now even more practical! We are expanding our delivery areas.

Ichinokura - Small Junmai Sake special dry 15% 300ml

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300.0ml | €48,17 / l
SKU FO0509

Tokubetsu Junmai Karakuchi

A special dry sake offering a feeling of freshness and elegance.

It goes well with many dishes of Japanese cuisine and can be enjoyed at different temperatures (cold, at room temperature or slightly warmed).

It is a versatile sake that pairs well with any dish.

This exceptional sake has been honored with several distinctions, including the Silver Medal at the prestigious 2018 National Sake Judging Competition, Junmai Sake category, and the Gold Medal at the 2017 National Hot Sake Competition in the Hot, Greeting category. its excellent value for money.

Artisanal sake brewing

The determining factors of sake quality are generally considered to be water, rice and the manufacturing process.

Ichi no Kura seeks quality water and abundant rice, and has established its brewery in this region.

Ichi no Kura is made up of artisans who continue the tradition of southern toji, and they use the five senses of toji to create their sake.

In addition, they use an original Ichi no Kura steamer to cook the rice, use the box fermentation method to create rice koji, and firmly preserve the concept of "handmade" to cultivate a yeast of healthy sake for sake production.

Flavors and Aromas Depending on Temperature

Tokubetsu Junmai Karakuchi, with slight perceptible aging, offers a rich fragrance and deep flavor, allowing one to enjoy various expressions depending on the temperature at which it is served.

Cold Sake (around 10°C)

Even fresh, there is a moderate sweetness and delicious umami, with an acidity on the finish that tightens the overall taste. The umami and acidity harmonize perfectly.

A delicate aroma, with a slight note of aging.

Sake at Room Temperature (around 20°C)

The sweetness and umami from aging, along with the umami from the rice, balance harmoniously, providing deep flavor. Moderate acidity characteristic of Junmai, and a clean finish that avoids boredom. A standard junmai flavor.

A rich aroma deriving from gentle and soothing aging. A well-balanced aroma.

Hot Sake (around 45°C)

Expansion and umami develop, providing deep flavor. Pleasant acidity tightens the whole taste, giving volume to the flavor.

A sweet and generous aroma, with a feeling of fullness.

  • Rice :
    • Koji: Kuranohana Origin: Japan
    • Must: Sasanishiki Origin: Japan
  • Prefecture : Miyagi
  • Polishing : 55%
  • Fermentation : Sokujo
  • Classification : Junmai
  • Water hardness : Soft
  • Yeast : Homemade
  • Toji : Kurabito
  • Palate : Dry
  • Fragrance : Cereals, nuts/hazelnuts, dairy products
  • Accompaniments : Oysters, tuna sashimi, fish and seafood stew
  • Serving temperature : Fresh
  • Storage : Dark, cool place

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, please consume in moderation.

The sale of alcohol is prohibited to minors.