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Delivery to a relay point free from 60€ of purchase. Free home delivery from 80€ purchase.

Hikari miso - Menraku restaurant style miso ramen 2x92.7g

185.4g | €2,13 / 100g

Menraku restaurant-style miso ramen

Discover our delicious rich miso ramen, made with red miso. Our ramen is an exceptional interpretation with a fragrant and umami-rich broth, made from aromatic vegetables such as garlic, ginger and onion. This tasty creation will take you to the heart of the authentic flavors of Japanese cuisine.

Inspired by the authentic ramen tasted in restaurants across Japan, our noodles are a faithful reproduction of this unparalleled quality. Straight, air-dried noodles have a firm texture while being silky smooth.

One of the outstanding features of our product is the ability to prepare noodles and broth at the same time in one pot, in just 3 minutes. Enjoy this quick and delicious meal, perfect for when time is of the essence.

Treat yourself to a taste journey to Japanese ramen perfection with our miso ramen with flavorful broth and exquisite noodles.


Wheat flour, salt, acidity regulators: sodium carbonate, potassium carbonate, sodium hydrogen phosphate, tetrasodium diphosphate, sodium metaphosphate; dextrin, colors: riboflavin, caramel, calcium carbonate, paprika; powdered soybean paste (soya, rice, salt), flavor enhancers: monosodium glutamate, disodium inosinate, disodium guanylate, hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, garlic powder, palm oil powder, sugar, onion powder, yeast extract, powdered bamboo shoots, spices.

Nutritional Values ​​for 100 g
  • ENERGY 340 calories
  • GREASES 2.6g
  • PROTEINS 15g
  • SALT 5.3g