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Hata Kosen - Limonade Japonaise Ramune 200ml

200.0ml | €1,30 / 100ml

Japanese Lemonade Ramune


The true Ramune Lemonade In his glass bottle sealed by a ball. Ideal during the summer, the Ramune Lemonade You will bring you a pleasant feeling of freshness.

To open, simply push the ball to the bottom of the bottle.


Volume 200ml

Ingredients: glucose syrup and fructose, sugar, acidulant, aromas


Serve as fresh.


Ramune Lemonade


Energy (Kcal): 42 - Proteins (g): NC - Fats (g): NC - including Satture fatty acids (g): NC - carbohydrate (g): 10.6 - including sugar (g): 1,2 - Salt (g): nc

Best before: --

Ingredients: glucose and fructose syrup, sugar, acidulant, aromas

Nutritional Values ​​for 100g: Energy (Kcal): 42 - Proteins (G): NC - Greases (G): NC - including Sattures (G): NC - Carbohydrate (G): 10,6 - Of which sugar (g) : 1,2 - salt (g): nc