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House - Japanese drink Mugicha 144g 16x9g

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144.0g | €4,17 / 100g

Japanese drink with barley.

This Mugicha is a tasty drink, barley mix and roasted wheat, offering a soft and full-bodied taste from start to finish.
Simply soaking the bag in the water the Mugicha prepares quickly.

Ingredients: barley

Energy (Kcal): 392 - Proteins (g): 11,2 - Fats (g): 3,1 - including saturation fatty acids (g): nc - carbohydrate (g): 80 - including sugar (g): NC - Salt (G): 0.006

Best before: --

Ingredients: barley, barley

Allergens: barley

Nutritional Values ​​for 100g: Energy (Kcal): 392 - Proteins (g): 11,2 - Fats (g): 3,1 - Of which fatty acids (g): nc - carbohydrates (g): 80 - of which sugar ( G): nc - salt (g): 0.006