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Hokuren - Potato splendor 400g

400.0g | €13,38 / kg

Potato starch


Net weight 400g


Flour HOKuren is made of a potato starch pure (100%) produced at Hokkaido. Excellent whiteness, clear and thick, this flour can be used as well in Japanese dishes only Western dishes. You can thicken soups and sauces and also perfume and brown fry or grilling food.

After opening, be sure to close the bag to prevent the introduction of moisture. Try using the rest of the flour as quickly as possible.

Keep at room temperature, protected from moisture and light.

Ingredients: potato starch


Energy (Kcal): 330 - Proteins (g): 0.1 - Grease (g): 0.1 - including Satture fatty acids (g): NC - carbohydrates (g): 81.6 - including sugar (g): NC - Salt (G): 0.002

Best before: --

Ingredients: Potato splin

Nutritional values ​​for 100g: Energy (Kcal): 330 - Proteins (g): 0.1 - Greases (g): 0.1 - including fatty acids (g): NC - carbohydrates (g): 81.6 Sugar (g): NC - Salt (G): 0.002