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Takao Seifun Banshu Soba - 800g


Saracen noodles

Net weight: 800g

For 8 people

Dried uncooked noodles based on soft wheat flour and buckwheat flour.

Soba noodles are pasta made from a mixture of wheat flour and buckwheat. Very popular in Japan, they can consume two different ways; Be hot in a bowl of soup ( kakesoba ) be served cold in a dish (traditionally in bamboo) that we will dip in a tsuyu sauce ( zarusoba ).


Recipe: Kakesoba

1. Boil 1L of water and plunge noodles.In a saucepan apart, prepare a broth.

2. Let boil until they are just tender.

3. Remove the noodles from hot water and wash them under cold water.

4. Then put the cooked noodles in a bowl then the broth prepared before.

5. Compose your fittings to your convenience (tempura of vegetables for example). Serve with condiments such as chopped chives and the 6 spices (Shichimi) mixture.


Best before: --

Ingredients: Wheat flour, buckwheat flour, salt, yam, starch treats.

Allergens: wheat

Nutritional values ​​for 100g: energy (341kcal), protein (12.6g), grease (1,7g), of which saturated fatty acids (0.5g), carbohydrates (68.9g), of which sugar (2.5g), salt (3G)