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Takao Seifun - Banshu Soba 800g noodles

800.0g | €10,63 / kg




Dried non -cooked noodles made from tender wheat flour and buckwheat flour.

Made by Takao Flour Milling and Noodle Manufacturing Company in the Hyogo prefecture, a noodle manufacturing company established from the Meiji era. Soba noodles are cultivated in a rich light stream and a mild climate. Please appreciate the smooth and crisp texture of noodles.

Soba noodles are pasta made from a mixture of wheat flour and buckwheat. Very popular in Japan, they can be consumed in 2 different ways; be hot in a bowl of soup ( kakesoba ) either served cold in a dish (traditionally in bamboo) that we will dip in a tsuyu sauce ( zarusoba ).

Recipe: Kakesoba
  • Boil 1L of water and immerse the noodles. In a separate saucepan, prepare a broth.
  • Let boil until they are just tender.
  • Remove the noodles from hot water and wash them under cold water.
  • Then put the cooked noodles in a bowl then the broth prepared before.
  • Compose your convenience (tempura vegetable tempura for example). Serve with condiments such as chopped chives and mixture of 7 spices (ShichiMi).


    Wheat flour, buckwheat flour, salt, yam, starch treats.


    Nutritional values ​​for 100 g
    • ENERGY
      341 kcal
    • Protein
      12.6 g
    • Fat
      1.7 g
      0.5 g
    • Carbohydrates
      68.9 g
    • Whose sugar
      2.5 g
    • SALT
      3 g