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Nissin - Ramen noodles with chilli spins 66g

66.0g | €2,58 / 100g

Noodles Ramen instant pepper and sesame

Of Chinese origin, the Ramen (????) is a Japanese dish made up of noodles in a broth of different flavors. There are different types of Ramen in Japan defined in relation to their broth; The most widespread are the Ramen Tonkotsu (pork broth), the Ramen Shio (salt), the Ramen Shoyu (to the soy sauce), the Miso Ramen (at miso), but there are also brought to chicken, fruit sea, ...
Different products can be added to broth and noodles such as bamboo, Nori algae, meat tranche or fish surimi (Naruto).


  • Open the lid half, and pour boiling water to the mark
  • Close the lid and let stand for 3 minutes
  • Mix well. It's ready!

Noodles (86.4%): wheat flour, vegetable oil, salt, flavor comprehensive (E621), flour processing agent (E500, E451), antioxidant (E306) (soy-containing and lactose), collector acidity (E330). Soup powder (10.6%): salt, taste exhaust (E621, E635), sugar, soy powder (soy sauce, maltodextrin, salt), paprika granules, cayenne pepper (component 7% of the flavoring powder ), sesame seeds, hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, spices, dyes (E160C, E150A, E100, E120), chicken aromas, carrot extract, leeks, sesame oil, yeast extract, aromas, anti-smitiggling (E551), powder Tomato, acidity collector (E330). Dried vegetables 3%: red pepper, green onion, tomato. The product contains gluten (wheat flour, milk, sesame and soy) can contain traces of fish, crustaceans, celery and mustard.

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