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Wadakan -Lost Ponzu 300ml

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300.0ml | €11,67 / l

lemon soy sauce, net volume 300 ml

Soy sauce (soy, bow flour, salt), apple vinegar, liquid mixture of glucose and fructose, salt, condiment fermente with rice base, sugar, cedrat juice, bonus extract powder, Sudachi (citrus) , Sehee Champigon Extract Powder, Yeast Extract, Shell Extract St-Jacques, Prize Extract, Seasoning Extract, Acidulant, Alcohol, Reglisse

Energy (Kcal): 56 - Proteins (g): 3 - Fats (g): NC - including Sature fatty acids (g): nc - carbohydrates (g): 10.4 - including sugar (g): 7.9 - Salt (g): 3,78

Best before: --

Ingredients: soy sauce (soy, ble, salt.), Liquid mixture of glucose and fructose, sugar, apple vinegar, salt, condiment fermente with rice base, bonitan background, semigon background Sehee, wildlife background Jacques, a prayer extract, Extract of oyster, extract of seaweed, juice of Cedrat, Juice of Sudachi (citrus), Extract of yeast, seasoning, acidulant, alcohol, regselis

Allergens: Wheat Bonitan soy

Nutritional Values ​​for 100g: Energy (Kcal): 56 - Proteins (g): 3 - Greases (G): NC - including Satture Grasics (G): NC - Carbohydrate (G): 10.4 - Of which sugar (g) : 7.9 - salt (g): 3,78