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Shinshuichi - Miso Awase paste without preservative 500g

500.0g | €29,40 / kg

Sweet Miso Paste with lumps

Additives free

Net weight: 500g

MISO (pronounced Misso) is a traditional food Japanese which is in the form of fermented pulp, high protein, very pronounced and very salty taste. It can be beige or pale yellow with dark brown (the more dark color it is, the more salty and pronounced.

Soy, rice, salt


Energy (Kcal): 192 - Proteins (g): 11.5 - Greases (g): 5.9 - including Sature fatty acids (g): 0.49 - carbohydrates (g): 23.1 - including sugar (G ): 17,8 - salt (g): 4.6

Best before: --

Ingredients: soy, rice, salt

Allergens: soy

Nutritional values ​​for 100g: Energy (Kcal): 192 - Proteins (g): 11.5 - Fats (g): 5.9 - including Sature fatty acids (g): 0.49 - carbohydrates (g): 23,1 - including sugar (g): 17.8 - salt (g): 4.6