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Kubota Seika Matcha Azuki Mochi - 147g

147.0g | €2,99 / 100g

Japanese Patisserie with Matcha Based on Glutant Rice (Mochi) stuffed with sweet red bean pulp

Net weight: 147g

Best before: --

Ingredients: Maltose, sugar, rice, glutinous, bean pulp, sugar syrup, fructose syrup and glucose, potato starch, green powder tea, trehalose, aromas, Gardénia pigment, emulsifier

Nutritional values ​​for 100g: energy (313kcal), protein (2,2g), grease (0.2g), of which saturated fatty acids (0g), carbohydrates (75.5g), of which sugar (75,2g), salt (0g )