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Kedin kukabi en tube 43g

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43.0g | €0,60 / 10g

Wasabi (Raifort) in tube.

Net weight 43g

Raian, sugar, fucula of but, rapeseed oil, salt, soy fibers, sorbitol, aromas, curcuma, citric acid Xanthene gum, E133

Energy (Kcal): 280 - Proteins (g): NC - Grease (g): NC - including Satture fatty acids (g): NC - carbohydrate (g): 54 - including sugar (g): 22 - salt (g) : 3.04

Best before: --

Ingredients: horseradish, sorbitol, sugar, facule of but, rapeseed, soy powder, aromas, turmeric, acidifying: E330, Xanthene gum, dye: E133

Allergens: soy

Nutritional Values ​​for 100g: Energy (Kcal): 280 - Proteins (g): NC - Greases (G): NC - Of which fatty acids (g): nc - carbohydrates (g): 54 - including sugar (g): 22 - Salt (g): 3.04