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Hakubaku Omame Hokuhoku Jyurokkoku Gohan - 6x30g

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180.0g | €5,56 / 100g

16 cereals to cook with rice

Net weight: 6x30g

Best before: --

Ingredients: Black beans, peas, chick, soy, glutinous millet, brown rice, full rice germ, sticky rice, barley, black sesame, white sesame, red bean, green soy, red rice, quinoa, amaranth.

Allergens: soy, barley, sesame

Nutritional values ​​for 100g: energy (393kcal), protein (22.7g), grease (12.3g), including saturated fatty acids (0.3g), carbohydrates (53.3g), of which sugar (41.7g), salt (0g)